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Du antwortest: gast (hosted by: Avalon, USA) 3000 (hosted by: AVATAR Mud, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Avatar West, USA) 9999 (hosted by: Avendar: The Crucible of Legends, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Aliens vs. Predator, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Awakened Worlds, Australia) 6464 (hosted by: Azereth, USA) 7778 (hosted by: Bad Trip, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Bakhara, USA) 5400 (hosted by: Balzhur, USA) - Entra el nombre de tu personaje o escribe Nuevo: Nuevo 8000 (hosted by: Barren Realms, USA) (hosted by: BatMUD, Finland) 1801 (hosted by: Bleached InuYasha Galaxy, USA) 5678 (hosted by: Beutelland, Austria) - Hast du vielleicht auch einen Namen: gast 4110 (hosted by: Black Sands MUD, USA) 2000 (hosted by: BlackMUD, USA) 27750 (hosted by: Multi-User Dungeon, Canada) 4001 (hosted by: BrMUD, Brazil) - Por qual grandioso nome voce deseja ser conhecido: "NewCharacterName" 4001 (hosted by: Shattered Realms, Norway) 4444 (hosted by: BrutusMUD, Czech Republic) 9000 (hosted by: Beyond the Veil of Shadows, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Buffy Mud, Canada) 4000 (hosted by: Burning, Sweden) 4321 (hosted by: The Burning Post II, United Kingdom) 4001 (hosted by: Final Realms, Norway) 3888 (hosted by: Castle Arcanum, USA) 4567 (hosted by: Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Eltanin Resurrection, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Almaren, USA) 4001 (hosted by: CheesyMUD, Canada) 9000 (hosted by: Cleft of Dimension, USA) 4000 (hosted by: CLOK, USA) 4354 (hosted by: Cleft of Dimensions, USA) 3999 (hosted by: The Criterion, Canada) 6666 (hosted by: Cryosphere, United Kingdom) 8889 (hosted by: Cthulhumud, USA) 11111 (hosted by: CyberASSAULT, USA) 6000 (hosted by: d20MUD: Star Wars, USA) 8500 (hosted by: Dark Isles, USA) 9898 (hosted by: Dark Legacy MUD, Netherlands) 2000 (hosted by: Darker Realms, USA) 2222 (hosted by: Dark Mists, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Darkover, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Dark Rifts, USA) 1313 (hosted by: Dark Risings, USA) 2001 (hosted by: Dark Skies, USA) 3000 (hosted by: DarkWind, USA) 6969 (hosted by: Dark Wizardry, USA) 2525 (hosted by: Dartmud, USA) 8000 (hosted by: Rek-Mud 4: The Four Kingdoms, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Dawn, USA) 1235 (hosted by: Dragon Ball Arena, USA) 1236 (hosted by: DragonBall Xtreme, USA) 4000 (hosted by: DragonBall: Infinity, USA) 4321 (hosted by: Dragonball New Universe: Hopes Beginning, USA) 6200 (hosted by: DragonBall Z Epic, USA) (hosted by: Dark Castle, USA) 9000 (hosted by: Death's domain, USA) 2222 (hosted by: Dragon's Den, USA) 3443 (hosted by: Dead of Night, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Devil's Bob MUD, Brazil) - 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Nexus, USA) 3000 (hosted by: God Wars II, United Kingdom) (hosted by: GreaterMUD, USA) 4444 (hosted by: Gueldenland, Germany) - Was willst Du antworten: "NewCharacterName" 1984 (hosted by: Gundam Wing Operation Meteor, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Haven, USA) 1701 (hosted by: HoloTrek, USA) 2001 (hosted by: Holy Mission - Remains from the Past, Austria) 4000 (hosted by: StarMUD, USA) (hosted by: Heroes of the Lance III, Singapore) 4000 (hosted by: Hidden Worlds, USA) 2000 (hosted by: Hyperborea, Netherlands) 5900 (hosted by: Iberia MUD, Portugal) (hosted by: Icesus, USA) 7777 (hosted by: Iconoclast, USA) 1701 (hosted by: IgorMud, Sweeden) 6969 (hosted by: Imperial, Finland) (hosted by: Imperian: The Sundered Heavens, USA) 40000 (hosted by: Imperium, USA) 7000 (hosted by: Insomniacs Asylum, USA) 6600 (hosted by: Insymnia, USA) 4545 (hosted by: Infinite Planes, USA) 4040 (hosted by: Isengard, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Islands of Myth, USA) 6712 (hosted by: Ivalice, USA) 4000 (hosted by: JediMUD, USA) 2360 (hosted by: Reality Bytes, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Legends of Kallisti, USA) 1984 (hosted by: Kerovnia, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Killer MUD, Poland) - 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Por que nombre quieres ser conocido: "NewCharacterName" 9001 (hosted by: Legends Forgotten, USA) 10000 (hosted by: Merentha, USA) 4711 (hosted by: MorgenGrauen, Germany) - Wie heisst Du denn: neu 3456 (hosted by: Midian, USA) (hosted by: Midkemia Online, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Midnight Sun 2, USA) 4445 (hosted by: Might and Magic, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Mirkwood, USA) 2222 (hosted by: Mirrors of the Wheel, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Mordor, USA) 4500 (hosted by: Mozart MUD, USA) 6660 (hosted by: Once Upon A Time... Steampunk!, USA) 8000 (hosted by: Accursed Lands, Canada) 5000 (hosted by: Age of the Ancients, Canada) 2700 (hosted by: Arctic, USA) 4000 (hosted by: AustinMUD, Denmark) 4000 (hosted by: The Burning Eye, USA) 1000 (hosted by: Chalacyn Nights MUD, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Clessidra, Italy) - Scelta: nuovo 4000 (hosted by: Divine Blood, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Dizzymud, United Kingdom) 3333 (hosted by: Dominia MUD, Australia) 4000 (hosted by: The Lands of Draknor, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Dreams, USA) 7777 (hosted by: Duris: Land of BloodLust, USA) 7000 (hosted by: Blood Dusk, USA) 3666 (hosted by: NetherWorld, USA) (hosted by: The Lands of Evermore, Germany) 4000 (hosted by: The Final Challenge, USA) 4848 (hosted by: FoxMUD, USA) 5555 (hosted by: Harshlands, USA) 3007 (hosted by: Hollow World, Brazil) 4801 (hosted by: Lands of Stone, United Kingdom) (hosted by: LegendMUD, USA) 2000 (hosted by: NannyMUD, Sweden) 5454 (hosted by: A Merging of Fates, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Mystic Adventure, USA) (hosted by: Bedlam, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Prophecy, Luxemburg) 3333 (hosted by: The Realms of Hell, USA) 2020 (hosted by: Sanity's Edge, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Seattle 2064, USA) 1996 (hosted by: Shattered Kingdoms, USA) 6666 (hosted by: SidaliciaMUD, USA) 4711 (hosted by: SilberLand, Austria) - Wie heisst Du denn: neu (hosted by: Simauria, Spain) - Nombre del personaje: crear 6666 (hosted by: The Land LPMud, Germany) 3333 (hosted by: OuterSpace, Netherlands) 9000 (hosted by: Stick in the MUD, Canada) 5555 (hosted by: Star Wars: Knights of Darkness, USA) 6666 (hosted by: Star Wars Mud, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Tempora Sanguinis 2, Italy) - Che nome vuoi usare: [enterkey] 2100 (hosted by: Darkon Mud, USA) 5001 (hosted by: The Augmented Dimension, USA) 5500 (hosted by: Anodyne, USA) 6768 (hosted by: House of Ghouls, USA) 5000 (hosted by: The Underworld, USA) 4242 (hosted by: Valheru Mud, Denmark) 4000 (hosted by: MUD Valinor, Brazil) - Personagem: NOVO 4000 (hosted by: Wheel of Time: Winds of Change, Netherlands) 4000 (hosted by: Wormhole MUD, Sweeden) 4000 (hosted by: Zee Mud, USA) (hosted by: MUDII, United Kingdom) 3000 (hosted by: Malevolence, USA) 3333 (hosted by: The Minds Eye, USA) 2500 (hosted by: Star Wars: Legacy, USA) 4242 (hosted by: MULTI MUD!, Germany) (hosted by: MUME, Switzerland) 3000 (hosted by: Muddy Waters, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Myrradel, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Mystical Mud, USA) (hosted by: Nanvaent, United Kingdom) 4545 (hosted by: NarutoMUD, USA) 9000 (hosted by: Northern Crossroads, Canada) 4000 (hosted by: Nebbie Arcane, Italy) - Come vuoi essere conosciuto su Nebbie Arcane: "NewCharacterName" 4000 (hosted by: Necromium, USA) 8010 (hosted by: neoNecronomicon, Italy) - Inserisci il nome con cui vuoi giocare. Usa solo lettere e numeri: "NewCharacterName" 6666 (hosted by: Vampire Wars, USA) 4242 (hosted by: Nightfall, USA) 88888 (hosted by: Nilgiri, the Forgotten World, USA) 5333 (hosted by: The Isles: Dreams of Kltara, USA) 3500 (hosted by: Nirvana, USA) (hosted by: Nodeka, USA) 4080 (hosted by: Nuclear War, USA) 5555 (hosted by: Sancara, USA) 4045 (hosted by: Hrielith, USA) 6543 (hosted by: OurPlace MUD, USA) 5195 (hosted by: Overdrive, USA) 4004 (hosted by: Pandora's Box: Reopened, USA) (hosted by: Perilous Realms, USA) 6600 (hosted by: Petria, Spain) - Por que nombre quieres ser conocido: "NewCharacterName" 6716 (hosted by: Aber-Phoenix, USA) 4000 (hosted by: PhoenixMUD, USA) 4200 (hosted by: Pict, USA) 6789 (hosted by: PixieMUD, Canada) 5000 (hosted by: PKmud, USA) 31000 (hosted by: Cosrin: A New Dawn, United Kingdom) 2000 (hosted by: Haven Of The Embraced, Canada) 3003 (hosted by: Moral Decay, USA) 2000 (hosted by: Powermud, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Primal Darkness, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Project Bob, USA) 2222 (hosted by: Ragnarok, USA) 5110 (hosted by: Dragonball: The Forsaken Future, USA) 7075 (hosted by: Rauvyon, USA) 6060 (hosted by: RavenMUD, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Razor's Edge, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Rocca d'Argento, Italy) - Qual e' il tuo nome: NUOVO 4000 (hosted by: Realm of Magic, Germany) 1133 (hosted by: Realm of Shadows, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Abysmal Realms, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Realms Eternal, USA) 1501 (hosted by: Realmsmud, USA) 3456 (hosted by: Realms of Chaos, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Realms of Despair, Canada) 3000 (hosted by: Realms of Redemption, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Aydindril 2, USA) 9999 (hosted by: Renegade Outpost 5, USA) 3000 (hosted by: RetroMUD, USA) 5001 (hosted by: Reinos De Leyenda, Spain) - Introduce el nombre de tu personaje: "NewCharacterName" 9400 (hosted by: Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi, USA) 3791 (hosted by: Return of the Shadow, USA) 8000 (hosted by: Dawn of the Ages, USA) 6969 (hosted by: RubbeRoom, USA) 1701 (hosted by: Realm of Utopian Dreams, USA) 7000 (hosted by: Shattered Dreams, USA) 7777 (hosted by: ShadowDale, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Equilibrium MUD, Italy) - Inserisci il nome del tuo account o digita nuovo: nuovo 7000 (hosted by: StormHunters, USA) 1030 (hosted by: ShadowMUD, USA) 4080 (hosted by: Shadow Siege, USA) (hosted by: Shattered World, Australia) 5900 (hosted by: Shattered Isles, USA) 5580 (hosted by: Shining Realms, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Silmaril, Italy) - Batti il tuo nome: "NewCharacterName" 9100 (hosted by: The Seven Kingdoms, USA) 4321 (hosted by: Storms of Time, Netherlands) 6789 (hosted by: Sleepless Nights, United Kingdom) 6101 (hosted by: SlothMUD, USA) 4001 (hosted by: TerraMUDX, Australia) 6715 (hosted by: SMiLE, USA) 8500 (hosted by: Sphere of Fantasy, USA) 6400 (hosted by: Enrandia, USA) 5000 (hosted by: The Soul Ruins, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Split Infinity, Denmark) 3030 (hosted by: StarCraft MUD, USA) 1982 (hosted by: Static Chaos - Still Alive, USA) 7680 (hosted by: StickMUD, Canada) 4501 (hosted by: Stormbringer, USA) 9332 (hosted by: StrangeMUD, USA) 2112 (hosted by: StuphMUD, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Darbonne, the Floating City, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Styx, Denmark) 3000 (hosted by: SumuMud, Finland) 2400 (hosted by: Star Wars Galactic Dominion, USA) 8707 (hosted by: Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith, Canada) 2000 (hosted by: Synergy, USA) 6667 (hosted by: Mercator, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Tassaria, USA) 5005 (hosted by: Tauros, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Dawn of Demise, USA) 2020 (hosted by: TempusMUD, USA) 2222 (hosted by: TerraFirmA, United Kingdom) 8500 (hosted by: The Great Hunt, USA) 9010 (hosted by: The Gathering..., USA) 5005 (hosted by: Adventures Unlimited, USA) 9999 (hosted by: Tharsis Gate, USA) 7171 (hosted by: The Adventurers' Inn, USA) 5000 (hosted by: The Land, USA) 9000 (hosted by: The Last Sunrise, USA) 5321 (hosted by: Genesis: The Return, USA) 4000 (hosted by: The Shadow's Embrace, USA) 5050 (hosted by: The Inquisition: Legacy, USA) 9100 (hosted by: Illusions of the Mind, USA) 8500 (hosted by: Medieval Times MUD, USA) 3500 (hosted by: Dark Lair , USA) 4000 (hosted by: Otherworld, the land of Tirn Aill, USA) 3069 (hosted by: Star Wars: Celestial Horizons, USA) 9999 (hosted by: TorilMud, USA) 6969 (hosted by: Twilight of the Gods, USA) 8765 (hosted by: The Two Towers, USA) 2418 (hosted by: TravMUD, USA) 4000 (hosted by: TrollAttack, USA) 5000 (hosted by: Trona, USA) 7070 (hosted by: The Sea of Storms, USA) 7000 (hosted by: Tempered Steel, USA) (hosted by: Tsunami, USA) 7680 (hosted by: Tubmud, Germany) 4000 (hosted by: Turf, United Kingdom) 6000 (hosted by: Thieves World, USA) 6969 (hosted by: A Moment in Tyme, USA) 2600 (hosted by: Unicorn Valley, USA) (hosted by: UNItopia, Germany) - Wie lautet Dein Name: gast 9000 (hosted by: The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD, USA) 4242 (hosted by: Valhalla MUD, USA) 4000 (hosted by: VanciaMUD, France) - Votre compte: nouveau 2001 (hosted by: VikingMUD, Norway) 3500 (hosted by: Village Rivals, USA) 3000 (hosted by: The Outlands - 4th Age, USA) 3019 (hosted by: Virtual Realities, Canada) 2177 (hosted by: Wake, USA) (hosted by: Warlock, Poland) - Powiedz mi swe imie: nowa 6000 (hosted by: WolvesBane Rock, Canada) 6666 (hosted by: Holy Mission 99 - Resurrected, Austria) 3000 (hosted by: WileyMUD III, USA) 1234 (hosted by: Mud of Chance, USA) 4000 (hosted by: DustMARE, USA) (hosted by: Winterkill, Finland) 4000 (hosted by: Worlds of Carnage , Canada) 9000 (hosted by: World of Naruto, Australia) (hosted by: Star Wars: Way Of The Force, Netherlands) 2222 (hosted by: Wheel of Time, USA) 9990 (hosted by: War of Gods, Slovakia) 2222 (hosted by: Eye of the World MUD, USA) (hosted by: Wunderland, Germany) - Wie heisst Du denn: gast 4000 (hosted by: Act of War, USA) 1280 (hosted by: Dragonball Advent Truth, USA) 6500 (hosted by: Amitoune, USA) 4002 (hosted by: New Worlds, USA) 4000 (hosted by: Core, USA) 5432 (hosted by: Legends of the Darkstone, USA) 1200 (hosted by: Eternal Visions, USA) 4888 (hosted by: Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset, USA) 3333 (hosted by: HackersMUD, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Haven: Mist and Shadow, USA) 2222 (hosted by: KinslayerMUD, USA) 6400 (hosted by: Prophecies of the Pattern, USA) 2000 (hosted by: The Green Leaf, Germany) 4000 (hosted by: XK4, USA) 3000 (hosted by: Xyllomer, Germany) (hosted by: ZombieMUD, Finland)